We'll mail your marketing message to a verified purchasing decision maker at virtually every spring and wire form manufacturing plant and office location in the United States...with large, full-color mailing cards.

Rindos Communications is a direct-mail marketing company located in Jacksonville, Florida USA. We specialize in the U.S. springmaking and wire forming industries; we print and mail direct-mail marketing pieces to these industries for our clients.

If you sell products or services to the springmaking and wire forming industries, here's what we can do for you:

Via direct-mail marketing, we help springmaking and wire forming industry suppliers like you — machinery and equipment manufacturers, wire and strip metal suppliers, technology vendors, etc. — reach their U.S. sales prospects. For a very reasonable price, we'll print large, full-color mailing cards with your advertising message, and we'll mail these cards via First-Class U.S. Mail to a verified purchasing decision maker at virtually every U.S. springmaking and wire forming location. In an era dominated by digital marketing messages, your message will stand out. We'll put your glossy, hard-copy message on the desks of all of your U.S. sales prospects!

Our thorough database was carefully developed to assure that our clients' advertising messages reach their entire U.S. market:

By exhaustively using all relevant compilation sources, we've assured that our database of the U.S. springmaking and wire forming industries includes virtually every company in these industries. And when a company has multiple U.S. manufacturing locations, these are all included in our database (for example, all nine Lee Spring Co. locations, all seven Newcomb Spring Corp. locations, and all 16 MW Components springmaking locations). And very importantly, you'll reach the right person at each location: we've verified the names and titles of the purchasing decision makers at each plant and office and incorporated them into our list: owners, presidents, CEOs, general managers, plant managers. This is a thorough, high-quality database! And with frequent mailing activity, it remains fresh and up-to-date.

For complete details of this mailing program — pricing, print-ready artwork specifications, address counts, etc. — please complete the inquiry form below and we'll email the information to you promptly.

But basically, here's how our mailing program works:

You provide us with print-ready, full-color artwork for a large 8.5 inch x 5.5 inch mailing card...

...and we'll print, address and mail your message to our high-quality list of U.S. springmakers and wire formers:

Please send us your inquiry and we'll promptly email a 2-page PDF to you giving complete details of our mailing card program.

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